ARI Responsive Websites


Access your leads and web orders

Leads - ARI Responsive WebsitesThese are the leads that are submitted from your ARI Responsive Website, including inventory leads and contact submissions
LeadPopThis web form displays to visitors when they make their first click on your website.
Inventory NotifierInventory Notifier is a free add-on feature that allows customers to fill out a simple form on your website, where they identify the hard-good product(s) that they're interested in.  These customers then receive automated email notifications when the hard goods that match their criteria are added to your web inventory. 
OrdersAccess, manage and process payment on your Ecommerce orders
Endeavor LeadsLeads submitted on your non-responsive website, as well as leads captured from your branded portal site (where applicable)
Secure FormsInstructions on setting up a secure form, with or without password-protection, via the Secure Lead Form Component
Accessing Secure Leads with Password ProtectionInstructions on how to access password-protected fields in captured leads.