ARI Responsive Websites

Video Tutorials

We’ve created tutorial videos to demonstrate the most commonly used tools for your ARI Responsive Website.


  • Service Manager (How to set details, pricing and scheduling for repair and maintenance services)
  • PSS eCommerce (Overview of PSS eCommerce configuration including configuration, custom catalogs, pricing and cart configuration)
  • Payment Methods (This video will show you how to configure PayPal and other formal Payment Gateways.)
  • Delivery Methods & Rates (This video will show you haw to configure rates for multiple different shipping Methods.)
  • Regional and City Taxes (This video will demonstrate how to define taxes for you state / province and city.)
  • New E-Commerce Integration (This video will give you a basic overview of the new E-Commerce integration inter-workings.)


  • Sales & Lead Form Set Up (How to control forms contact us /  Request quote / financing  / service request / make offer / best price / value trade / schedule test-drive.
  • Buyers Tools Set Up (How to control the buttons you see next to every inventory listing.)
  • Multiple Financing Options Page Creation (How to create a Financing page that can lead to multiple third-party financiers.) 
  • Social Media Buttons Set Up (This video will show how to add social media buttons to your header and footer of your site for social networks.)


  • Product Manager E-Commerce (This video will teach you how to modify all aspects of E-Commerce items on your site.)
  • Product Manager Showcase (This video will teach you how to modify all aspects of Showcase items on your site.)
  • Import Products (This video will show you how to import prices for preexisting E-Commerce Catalogs an entire manufacturer / distributor at a time. Only to be used by industries other than medical)
  • Create a Catalog (This will help you to create and E-Commerce catalog of items to sell on your website.)

  • Custom Showcase (this will help you to build a non-transactional catalog to show on the New-Models page of your website.)

  • (These videos will show you how to create a custom catalog and upload custom products to your website.)

Product Manager

(These videos will show you how to feature new / used / new-non-current inventory on the bottom of your home page. 


  • Custom Pages ( How to create a page and navigation point from scratch to add a full page of custom text and content.)

  • Editing Page Assets (How to change the text, pictures, videos in the home and about us pages)

  • Ordering Navigation Links How to change / reorder / rename the navigation you see at the top of every page.)

Rotating Offers

(These videos will show you how to manage the scrolling slides / banners on your home page.)


  • Catalogs (How to add additional manufactures / types of equipment to the New Models page. 
  • Sequencing Brand Display Order (How to change the order of Brands / types of equipment / equipment pictures on the New Models page.
  • Services
  • Store Location Details (How to change location name / address / phone number / fax number.)

  • Sales & Lead Management (Dictate who is being emailed when a specific form is being filled out on the site.)

Tips and Tricks

  • Visual manipulations (This video will give you detailed information on how to change different aspects of your home page.
  • Organization and links (This video will give you advice on how to best direct customers to specific areas on your site.)
  • Capturing more leads (This video will teach you several changes you can make to your site and business to generate more leads online and in store.)

Structured Content

  • Coupons (Add printable and in store usable discounts for services and products.)
  • Events (Tell your customers about all events you will be hosting or attending.)
  • Galleries (Add pictures of events, happy customers, and exciting and engaging shop projects.)
  • Hours Of Operation (How to change store hours and set seasonal hours.)
  • Staff (How to post staff / departments / staff pictures / staff bio's.)

Walk through

  • CDK Basics Presentation (This presentation is to cover the basics of adding and re-linking a inventory unit using the CDK EVO PLI portal.)
  • CDK PLI Light-speed Inventory Processing. (this video illustrates the process to post inventory units to your website using the CDK interface.
  • Integrations Self-Check (This video will illustrate how to check which inventory integrations and third-party sales channels you currently have activated on your site.)