ARI Responsive Websites


Manage the settings for your online store, including payment methods, shipping methods, taxes, etc.

Manage the Ecommerce settings for your website, including billing/shipping rules, promo codes, and more
Payment MethodsSelect the payment methods that are available to your online customers (PayPal, Credit Card, Pay-in-Store)
Delivery Methods and RatesAdd the shipping methods and rates that apply to your Ecommerce products
Allowed CountriesChoose the countries from which you will accept Ecommerce orders
Configure RegionsChoose the regions within a country from which you need to collect taxes
Regional and City TaxesManage your sales tax rates and exemptions
Search Configuration

Set the rules for your website search results page and search bar

Homepage Configuration

These instructions will give you basic terminology and where to navigate in the CMS editor to change the elements of content on your homepage.