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Price Rules & Price Overrides

The E-Commerce configuration is going to pull in MSRP for each distributor on a daily basis but, it is up to you to apply discounts to brands or products when desired. There are two ways to discount pricing on this platform; Pricing Rules and Price Overrides. Let’s discuss these two features in detail.

Pricing Rule

This is going to be the broadest way to manipulate pricing and is designed to help manage the pricing for entire brands. It simply allows you to set a brand at an X Percent off of MSRP.

Price Override

This is going to be the most granular way to manipulate pricing. It will allow you to set an exact sale price of a specific distributor sku. Unlike Pricing Rules, the Overrides allow you to have different discounts for different products within a brand.

How to Set a Pricing Rule

For when you want to discount an entire brand by a % off

Step 1

On the far right side of the main menu bar, click Settings. Pricing Rules.

Step 2

Click the blue button “New Rule”. Below is an explanation of each field and a screenshot of a generic price rule.


Simply name the Pricing Rule, usually based around the type of discount. ie: 15% Off Round Down

Pricing Target

Either MSRP or Cost, Most will use MSRP and calculate the discount off of MSRP


Some brands require their prices to be either rounded up or rounded down. If a 10% discount puts a product at $99.95 this would be a round down, some brands require the round up and would want the price displayed at $99.96 so that would need to be rounded up.

Value for Webstore

Enter positive numbers with no leading zeros. If you want a 10% discount, you enter a 10.00
Ignore eBay, Amazon, Walmart

The only time you would use a negative value in these fields is if you wanted to target msrp and mark up a product over msrp.


Here you select the different brands/manufacturers you want to be included in this rule. You can have many different brands in one rule if they all have the same MAP policy. Sometimes a single brand will have different variations supplied by the distributors ie: Fly, Fly Racing, Fly Street You want to make sure to look for all of these types of iterations to ensure accurate pricing. Include all variations of the brand to make sure all brand pricing is covered.

How to Perform a Price Override

For when you want to set an exact sale price for an aftermarket distributor sku

Step 1

Click “Catalogs” from the main navigation bar

Step 2

Use the search filters on the left-hand navigation bar to browse to the product that you want to override the price on. Click into the MPN and you will be taken to the Override Management Center

Step 3

On this page you can override almost all aspects of the catalog data. Scroll down near the bottom of the page to “Price Overrides”. Here you will set the pricing on the sku level. Make sure to hit save. The price will update immediately on your webstore.

The override is on the SKU level and not on the MPN level because of instances where a product is available through multiple suppliers. You might get better pricing from certain suppliers and have more wiggle room for discount on some SKUs.

If a product is sourced from multiple suppliers and has multiple SKUs then you may need to override each SKU to your desired price to get your desired pricing outcome.

You can override prices in mass by using the price override job which is run out of the E-Commerce platform's File Center. Learn to Override Prices by csv file