ARI Responsive Websites

Products (Manage/Add/Delete)

If you do not delete categories or products from the webstore, the E-Commerce platform will manage the listing of webstore products for you. As new products are added to the catalog they will be automatically listed to the webstore. If you do go with a self-managed approach you will need to periodically add/delete products by using the instructions below.

Add/List Products

You will list Product Groups to the webstore directly from the Catalogs. If you list one Product within a Product Group, it will list all Products within the Group.

Step 1

Browse to the Catalog Data that is associated with the products you want to list


Step 2

Highlight the row of the Product and click “Webstore”. Then click “Choose Category” and browse to the category that you want to list the product in. Once you get to the desired category, click “Select”

Delete Products

While products are added from the catalogs, they are actually deleted from the Webstore module. You can not only delete individual products, but you can also exclude entire brands; we cover both below.

Step 1

From the main menu bar proceed to Webstore > Products. Browse to the product group that you wish to delete.

Step 2

Highlight the row and click “Delete”

Exclude Entire Brands

This feature allows you to “hide” brands from appearing on your webstore.

Step 1

Under Webstore, click “Brand Exclusion”

Step 2

Enter the manufacturer's name and hit the plus symbol

Brands/Manufacturers that are added to the list below will not be shown in search results on the webstore.

Please note: This does not prevent products from fully appearing on the store, only the results pages for categories and searches.

Edit/Change the Category of Products

It is very easy to change the category that a product is listed to

Step 1

Proceed to Webstore > Products and browse to the product group that you desire to be changed

Step 2

Highlight the row and click “Recategorize”