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How to Feature Product Groups

To feature product groups on your webstores homepage, proceed to the E-Commerce Configuration; Webstore > Feature Groups

Step 1

Click into “Feature Groups”. Here we are going to name the group of products that we want to prominently feature on the website. Here are some examples of Feature Group Names that other dealers have used in the past:

  • 100% Goggles

  • K&N Airfilters

  • Heated Gloves

  • Yoshimura Slip-On Exhausts

For this example, we will use Danny Gray seats.

Step 2

Once you create the New Feature Group you will browse to Webstore > Products from the E-Commerce Configuration.

To locate the products that you want to add to the Feature Group you can use the filters on the left-hand navigation to search. Search by Brand or search by Category to find what you are looking for.

Step 3

Highlight the products that you wish to feature and click the “Group” button.

You will then be taken to an additional page where you select the group from the drop-down and then select if you want to remove existing associations. An existing association would be a case where you already had the product in a different feature group. If you only want the products to show up in this new group you would check “Yes”.

Step 4

From the left-hand navigation click into Site > Pages

Step 5

Sites > Layout > Internal Page Layout

Step 6

Email Ben Kamben for final steps.

Feature Product Groups Video