ARI Responsive Websites

General Account Settings

Hot Tip: For a better viewing experience you will want to pop the E-Commerce Configuration out of the ARI CMS Editor. Do this by right-clicking on the “Dashboard” and opening in a new tab

To access this General Settings page click the Settings button on the right side of the menu bar and select Account Settings from the drop-down. 

Primary Contact Information

This is just general information that pertains to the client company/dealer.

Account Holder Name

This should be the name of the person at the dealership that is in charge of web sales.

Primary Contact Email

Email address where we can send system messages to.  It should be a regularly monitored email address.

Phone Number

A number that our technical support staff can use to contact you if there is an issue.

Store Name

This is the human-readable name for your webstore/shop. E.g.: might be called "My Shop, LLC."

Store Logo URL

This logo will be shown on printed packing slips. Logos can be uploaded to the Media Center for free image hosting; you would then be provided with a URL.

Webstore Domain Name

E.g.: If your webstore url is, enter above.

Dealer Identification

Input a Dealer ID or Account Number for each Distributor that you work with.  This list pertains to Aftermarket Distributors and any OEM that you wish to sell PG&A.  

Each Dealer ID that you enter will trigger the webstore to be loaded with that Distributor's entire line of products and/or that OEMs entire line of PG&A. *PG&A = Parts, Garments, Accessories.