ARI Responsive Websites

Webstore Settings

General Settings & Contact Information

Store Name

Name of your business.  It will be used for order emails.

Customer Service Email

The email address that you want for customer general inquiries to come into.  This will also be the email address that gets notified of Webstore Orders.  

Lead Submission Email

Can be ignored for ARI eCom integration

Customer Service Telephone

The phone number to your business


Location of your business

Hide Prices

Temporarily disables pricing information from being displayed on your webstore.

Non-Transactional Store

Temporarily disables availability information from being displayed & transactions from being captured on your webstore.

Category & Search Results Page

Store URL - The page that the webstore appears on your website.

For Example:

If your webstore appears on, enter "/ecommerce"

If your webstore appears on, enter: "/--xpss"

In-Stock Only

Disabled: Show all products regardless of inventory levels

Shelf & Distributor Quantities: Show only in-stock items.

Shelf Quantities Only: Show only items with shelf quantities applied.

Shipping & Taxes

The Country, State, and Zip will dictate Shipping and Tax calculations

In-Store Pickup

This is a popular option for a lot of dealers as it allows them to point their local customers to their Webstore to see if they can get a particular item.  

  • Disabled - the In-Store Pickup option will not be offered to a shopper

  • Shelf Quantity Only - the In-Store Pickup option will only be offered if the products have Shelf Quantity applied

  • All Orders - the options will be offered on all products

Allow Backorders

Enabling this option will bypass all inventory rules and show all items as in-stock with a positive quantity and a lead time of 10 days.

Shipping Rules

Click into “Manage” and you will be presented with options for price banded shipping. Detailed and robust shipping options are due out in Q2 of 2021.

Franchise & Pickup Locations

Franchise & Pickup Locations are additional locations that are associated with the Webstore attached to your current account. Creating additional locations allows a buyer to select a specific pickup location during checkout.

Social Media

Enter the URLs for each of your socials. Insta, Youtube, Yelp, etc

Checkout Options & Payment Processing

There are a few options available for allowing shoppers to make purchases from your webstore. Click on the links below to be taken to instructions on how to configure each one.