CDK Lightspeed CEM/V-SEPT Integration


Please note: You must have this feature activated by ARI to integrate your CDK Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) system with your ARI website. Please contact us to enable this feature before proceeding.


ARI and CDK offer dealers the ability to integrate their Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) lead management system with leads generated by form submissions on their ARI website. 

Step-by-Step guide

Once this integration has been enabled by ARI on your website, you will then be able to configure the Command Center and V-SEPT to transfer lead information.

Generate credentials in your website Command Center:

  1. From the Command Center home page, click on Integrations in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

  2. From the Type drop-down menu, select Lead Management.

  3. From the System drop-down menu, select V-Sept. If this option is not available to you, please contact your ARI website consultant or sales representative.

  4. Click the Generate Login button.

  5. A verification window will open; click the Generate Login button.

  6. The system will create a Login (username) and Password for you to enter into your Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) system.Tip: Leave the Command Center open with this information displayed while you login to Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) in another browser/window. This will allow you to copy/paste the credentials and avoid typos.

Enter the generated Login and Password into your Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) system:

Note: You must login to Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) as a manager.

  1. Click on the Control Panel tab.
  2. Click on Website Integration.
  3. Check the Enable Integration checkbox.
  4. Select the sales people you want to receive web leads.
  5. Select 50Below - Powersports as the provider.
  6. Copy and Paste the credentials you generated in Command Center into their respective boxes.
  7. Click Save. Your web leads will now transfer to your Lightspeed CEM (V-SEPT) system.